Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mama Gratitude

Today was bad. Just so many things happened and it felt like a freaking uphill battle from the moment the sun was up (or before...which was when the baby was up...). Instead of focusing on all of the things that went horribly wrong today, I figured I'd share five things I was thankful for today. I'm kind of rolling my eyes at myself with this, but let's just see how it goes!

A little backstory so this list makes sense: We bought a house! Made it official end of June and decided to re-do the flooring in the living spaces, paint the entire interior, and make some small fixture upgrades.

5 Things I was Thankful for Today

1. Our bathtub was fixed! After we moved in, we were running water into the tub and realized it was draining really slowly. After it had drained, two giant wet spots appeared on the carpet on either side of the bathroom, in EJ's room and the guest room. Long story short, an important piece of pipe was all rusted/corroded and the water had nowhere to drain. Our family friend hooked us up by fixing it, and E took her first bath in the tub tonight.

2. Kyle went in late to work to help me out this morning. With the construction on the tub, and a few finishing touches his dad was doing on the new flooring, two buck-wild Boston Terriers, and a fussy  baby in tow, I was losing it a little (a lot). It took a huge weight off my shoulders knowing I had some backup.

3. I had a beautiful epiphany of sorts during nap #3. I was laying there and the baby had just fallen asleep. It was late afternoon, my favorite time of day. I was about to ninja roll away from E when I realized she was snuggled so sweetly next to me, Luna was curled up on my left leg, and Harley was stretched out against my right. In that moment I felt like a true mama. Wanted and needed by all my little ducklings. That felt really nice and made me smile.

4. We started baby led weaning  a couple of weeks ago with E and I realized today that she has a preference for GREEN VEGGIES. I've heard it's easy for babies to gravitate toward fruits/other sweet tasting things since breastmilk is inherently sweet. My girl CRUSHED like 5 stalks of asparagus tonight. And she loved her green beans a couple of nights ago. It was the coolest thing ever seeing her maneuver each piece and I could tell she genuinely enjoyed it. Hopefully the green veggie fervor lives on well into toddlerhood ha!

5. Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. There's a pint of it sitting in my freezer right. now. I'm 100% being honest with you when I say I am thankful for that pint of ice cream I'm going to enjoy in about 10 minutes. I'm trying not to immediately grab a wine glass at the end of each night, so this will be my pre-bed treat.

There you have it. 5 real life things I am thankful for right now. I do feel a little less grouchy/worn down having reflected on the day. With a roof over my head, a healthy baby in bed, a belly full of food, a loving husband, and a killer family, there are no bad days. Only challenging ones.

I wanted to share 5 adorable photos to go with each item I mentioned above...but I threw my phone in the bathtub tonight. Literally thought it was a bath toy and just chucked it right into the water. Cross your fingers the 'bag of rice' trick really works. In lieu of those photos, here's a gratuitous picture of my baby in the cutest jammies. I got them at target in a three pack and I am obsessed. They are size 6-9 months and it killllls me that they fit her.


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  1. On especially hard days it can feel hard to be grateful for the things that go right. When there is so much suck in one day (baby fighting naps, refusing to eat, screaming at the top of their lungs for no discernible reason...) it's just not the natural instinct to think of all that didn't go quite as horribly. It's definitely worth remembering the good.

    You may be onto something with the ice cream. I tend to grab a glass and some scotch after the baby goes down, and then, like 2 hours later eat a pint of halo top, but mayyyybe I can do without the scotch. MAYBE!