Thursday, August 10, 2017

Checking In & Expectations

So, the whole "I'm going to regularly blog again" thing was probably a little overzealous...considering I barely put on regular clothing these days. This kind of brings me to an important point for any mama out there (or mama to be...or anyone for that matter): stop setting unrealistic expectations.

Of course people should set goals/have dreams etc. I'm talking about having an idea in your head about how any given event should go. When Everly was first born, I used to set expectations for outings, Doc appointments, even day to day activities. I thought I'd be strolling along tree shaded sidewalks with an iced coffee in hand and my best friends by my side, stopping occasionally to snap pics of my adorable newborn. It didn't look like all. And it still doesn't. Because best friends without babies continue with their pre-baby lives (as they should) and you end up home with no pants or make up on crying about your cracked nipples. And when you have to leave a restaurant 5 minutes after your food arrives because you cannot pacify your screaming infant.

We struggled to accept this new mindset at first and had many miserable outings because of it. Fast forward to the 6 month mark and it's just now getting easier. We don't expect ANYTHING these days. We go places knowing we might pack up and leave the moment we arrive. We do our best to anticipate potential issues and we go with the flow. THAT is how you live your best life as a new parent. But that's just the two cents of a very type B person.

Last week was a huge milestone for us as a family- first family vacation! To San Diego to be more specific. As you probably guessed we had zero expectations for this trip and the purpose was really to visit my newborn niece. We left around E's bedtime (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS METHOD OF TRAVEL W/ LITTLE ONES) and arrived incredibly sleepy but only having stopped once or twice. We saw a cute farmers market, a very large aquarium who's name I won't mention so people don't think I'm an awful person, and Everly enjoyed putting her little toes in the Pacific Ocean.

I got lots of baby snuggles and EJ was fascinated by her 2 year old cousin, Wes, who she didn't really seem to notice before now. It's an INCREDIBLE feeling having children at the same time as your siblings. So fulfilling!

Anyway, we're home now, and back to normal life. E had her six month check up today, but I'll highlight that later!

Thanks for listening. Any other tips you'd share with a first time parent? I can use all the help I can get :)

xo- Meg


  1. Ahh! SUCH a fun surprise seeing a post from you pop up! Loved reading this and I look forward to more posts. You're such a good mama and it's such a joy watching this journey of yours unfold. (That sounded like something a Grandma would say...haha)

    1. SO much fun having a space to vent/share still. Thanks for being encouraging and a positive mama role model <3

  2. Yes! You can't have any expectations as a parent, unless it's expecting that anything can go down at any second. I'm still learning to go with the flow 11 months in.

    I think the best piece of advice I got as a brand new mom is to say "the baby isn't giving me a hard time, they are having a hard time." I often feel like I am failing somehow, like I am doing everything wrong, and that my baby is unintentionally screwing up all of my plans to do things like feed her and keep her alive. I always remind myself now that it must be so hard to be a baby: you have to learn how to do everything, you can't really communicate. She's having a hard time doing her stuff, and I'm having a hard time doing mine. It really helps to think like that when I get really overwhelmed. Parenthood is freaking nuts. Hang in there!

    1. It's funny, I find myself sympathizing with her often. I look at her little furrowed brow and frowny lip and I try to imagine what it must be like to not be able to communicate what I want/need. It really helps to put yourself in their position. Love having other mamas to learn from and lean on!