Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We've Come Back?

Here's the deal. I miss blogging. Not like now-a-days blogging. Like livejournal-esque, write about how you feel, share fun pictures type of blogging. Let's revisit those days. I'm going to try to post about my new adventures as a new mama, and I'm going to keep it honest. Like the good ol' days.

To get you up to speed:

We moved to Massachusetts and stayed for almost two years. Learned a lot. Had some ups and a few downs. "Enjoyed" a couple of snowy winters, were captivated by real fall, and then received news of a family member falling ill. Around the same time, my sister gave birth to my nephew in Phoenix and our pull back to AZ was just too strong. So back we went.

It wasn't long after we got settled back in Tucson that I found out I was PREGNANT! With a real life baby! It was/is the most exciting time of our lives.

Fast forward 9 months and our sweet daughter Everly Jane was born in February. She is a literal dream come true. If you follow me on Instagram, you know she's not the easiest baby. My little sour patch kid. I'm still learning how to navigate the newness of motherhood, but I feel like I'm really getting the hang of it.

OH, and we bought a house! Well, we're still in escrow and hoping to close in a couple of weeks.

There! You're all caught up. There are lots and lots of adventures sprinkled in between those major bullet points, of course. It felt really good typing all of that out! I kind of missed this. An internet "overshare" as my sister says. I don't even know if anyone (other than my mom) will read this, but that was what I loved about blogging back in the day :)
photo cred to my sweet friend Emily