Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Phoenix Weekend!

This past weekend we kicked off the Halloween festivities early! On Friday, Kyle and I packed up our car, picked up my brother-in-law's little bro, and made our way to Phoenix. It was a crazy weekend jam-packed with zombies, shopping (shocking..), cooking, eating, a haunted house adventure, and scary movies. Spending time with my sis and B-I-L is always fun, and this weekend was no exception.

We kicked things off at a Zombie Walk in downtown Phoenix. Last year, we attended as spectators, but this year we went all out.

If you've seen Say Anything, then you deeply appreciate my brother-in-law's costume ;)
 That night, we washed up and went to The 13th Floor (a local haunted house). It was terrifying but we wanted more, so we ended the night watching Paranormal Activity 4.

Sunday morning we headed to our favorite Phoenix breakfast spot, Matt's Big Breakfast. Matt's has incredibly fresh ingredients and their coffee is SO delicious. I really enjoyed spending a morning with coffee and my favorite people. 

 We planned on staying most of that day, even though Kyle had to work the next morning. We got ALL caught up on The Walking Dead (!!!) and the boys cooked a fancy seafood dinner! It always makes me smile to see Kyle in the kitchen. He makes THE best food, and he does an amazing job teaching anyone who wants to learn from him.

It's safe to say this weekend was a blast! Can't wait to see them all again soon <3

xo- M

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Very Disney Week

This weekend we loaded up a rental car and made our way out to Anaheim, CA. We unfortunately had to put one of my dogs to sleep this past week, and getting out of town was exactly what we needed. Our group of 5 consisted of my mom, my brother, my brother's friend Jordan, Kyle, and myself. We had three amazing days park hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure. Our first day at Disney was a special Halloween event, where we dressed up in costumes and trick-or-treated! If you've never been to Disneyland during a holiday, I highly recommend trying it!

Treats, fireworks, a visit from my bestie Lindy, posing in photos, and family time. Dad, Ashley, and Christian...we missed you guys!!!!