Sunday, May 20, 2012


Some of our favorite trips happen 115 miles or so outside of Tucson. We went up to Phoenix this weekend to visit my sister and her husband, and to meet with our wedding photographers (eeep!). There was a lot of shopping and eating, and it felt SO great to kick off our wedding planning. I really can't wait for May 11th of next year. I know it'll breeze by, but I feel like its still sooo far away!

Anyway, we started out our weekend in Phoenix with a trip to Food Truck friday!
Gourmet hot dogs and creme brulee out of a truck?! Amazing. Included in the line up of cuisines: Cajun food, Indian fry bread, Jamaican food, pies! Crazy.

We also tried a local vegan restaurant called Green, which was amazing. They have delicious vegan options and plenty of tasty non vegan options! Afterward, we hopped next door and tried Nami, an ice cream shop that offers soy ice cream. Kyle had peanut butter cup and I had the Soy Capitan..which had Captain Crunch berries and fresh strawberries in it. To die for.

I love taking little trips like these, and I hope that we will have the chance to take many more before summer is over.

Hope everyone's weekends were as enjoyable as ours was!

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  1. Aw, this makes me smile. I lived in Phoenix until I was ten and then lived in Flagstaff and Prescott before we started on our big traveling trip. I've actually never been to Tucson, which is crazy to me, but the Phoenix pictures make me happy. =]