Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fair enough.

Saturday was Kyle's little brother's birthday so to celebrate, we went to the Pima County Fair. Going to the fair is one of my favorite memories as a child. The smells of funnel cake and popcorn, eating roasted corn on the cob, riding rides, and winning stuffed animals by popping balloons with darts. This year was a BLAST just like I expected. We went with Kyle's mom and stepdad, his aunt and uncle, trevor [the bday boy] and his GF Michaela, my brother Josh, and Kyle's brother in law Tom.

We ate deep fried sweets [oreos, twinkies, and snickers...oh my...], and the boys rode some crazy, unsafe looking rides. I had so much fun hanging with my future in-laws :) I'm truly lucky to be surrounded by loving family all the time.