Saturday, April 21, 2012

Partners in Crime

Even though Meg works at Starbucks, we always find ourselves going there to visit with friends and get drinks almost every day. Not really the bar hopping, fist pumping kind of people, so we like to just chill and enjoy each others company. Its always nice to unwind from a long day with some coffee and hang time with the homies. 
My go-to drink is an Iced venti caramel soy iced coffee. Megan never sticks to one thing. I never know with her haha. Shes on a kick of getting lemonade with a bag of tea in it right now though.

Off to go celebrate my little bros 17th birthday! Were going to Oreganos and then the fair with the whole family. Should be awesome so stay posted for some pics soon. 



  1. I love how you guys just hang out, not drinking either. That's how it is with Hank and me- quality time with friends, drinking tea/coffee and talking for hours is the best!

    1. Yes! Plus, you're not all couped up in a stanky bar haha. Coffee and friends FTW :)

  2. Megan your hair looks so pretty ! I love Starbucks but my guy will NEVER go with me ! You're lucky :)

  3. I love that you guys do that!

  4. Aw my husband and I are the same way... we'll go grab Starbucks or dessert or something instead of hanging out at the bar.