Monday, April 30, 2012

A Graduation Celebration

Meg is graduating in a week now so her family threw her the most epic party this weekend! There were so many people there, that at one point we could hardly walk down the hallway and you literally had to squeeze by someone to move 2 feet. I am so proud of her for working 2 jobs, going to school full time, and being so focused on finishing out this semester strong. GO MEG!
(some outfit pics from the PARTAY)

We also had a military breakfast a couple days ago and got to visit her dad at work. Its so awesome being up close to the Apaches he flies and getting to see what he does everyday. 

(Something about being next to helicopters puts us in a weird 80s hair metal mood. idk) 
 Fun weekend all around. NBA playoffs started and NHL playoffs are in full effect. Really looking forward to this summer- going to Cali next month and have so much to do before our big date. Only a year away so we need to really start making moves to get this planning in full force. 

Any summer goals or trips you guys are looking forward to? Let us know!!!



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun in Cali. I've never been but would love to!

    My fiance & I just came back from an amazing trip to Tucson!! Seriously, we loved it. Got a lot of great ideas for shopping, places to eat & see, here & from Megan's other blog. :)

    We loved Old Town Artisans, the Botanical Gardens, Desert Museum & Sabino Canyon so much. Went up to Mt. Lemmon Skycenter as well & it was an awesome night! Ate at El Charro and Baggins about 4 times each, haha.

    What an amazing city, we can't wait to come back! :)

    1. besides being deathly hot right now, tucson is pretty rad. thanks for the comment jordan!

  2. You two are such a cute couple! So excited for you that the date is getting closer!
    I'm looking forward to going home to Puerto Rico to take my boyfriend of three years to finally meet my family!

  3. I am a Boston girl and have been all my life so I was THRILLED to see you wearing a Celtics jersey (with Brandon Bass' number!). I have my doubts about the Celtz this season though. What do you think?

    1. Ive always been a celtics, sox, and bruins fan! Other than Geoff Green getting injured im pretty happy about this season. Ray allen coming off the bench really seems to work and weve got a good chance at the conference finals with rose, and howard outta the picture. GO C's!

      ps. Its actually a Rasheed Wallace jersey haha. i love him.

    2. Yeah. You are right about Ray Allen. I think he has helped us a lot. But I am still a little sad with them though. But I have hope! I have been raised on Boston sports (Its kinda hard to live here all your life and not be raised on it!) but I know the C's the least. Ask me about the bruins and I can name everyone who was on the ice in that last play when we won the cup and I can recite the Sox lineup in my sleep! The Celtics are still my home team!

  4. I love your dress!! It is so simple and beautiful!

  5. that dress! omg it's soo beautiful!