Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Hike

Last week, we made plans with some friends of ours to hike Sabino Canyon, a huge canyon on the north-east side of Tucson. There's a fully paved 3 1/2 mile trail full of hills and dips and beautiful scenery. Since Tucson has stayed relatively cool recently, there was still water in the little creeks from snow run off. We hiked for about 3 hours and went somewhere around 5 miles total, all of which were glorious. The weather was literally perfect and we were in great company!
Though we eventually want to travel around and live in other cities, Tucson will always be our home. It is a beautiful place no matter how sick of it we may feel. Here's to hoping Sabino Canyon will become a weekly adventure!

photos taken via Instagram. Follow us! Azbosslady & Sheriff520


  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish we had closer places to hike.

  2. just started reading your blog and I absolutely love it! love the photos!