Sunday, March 4, 2012

The First.

Welcome to our blog. A little bit about us: he's a chef, she's a student. We met in high school and recently got engaged in December. Our big day is next summer and we are beyond stoked. This blog is for sharing our interests including food, fashion, and photography. Hope you enjoy it!


This week, we bought a Canon rebel t2i. We decided a great place to break it in would be on the U of A campus and University blvd. Here's a look at our day...

 It's rare for both of us to be off at the same time, and the weather has been so amazing so spending the day outside was perfect. Work for both of us in the A.M. goodnight! 

outfit detail:
him- hoodie: Stray Rats, shorts: dockers, shades: ray-bans, shoes: vans
her- button up: american apparel, denim: f21, headband: american apparel, shoes: f21, bag: Kate Spade


  1. Ahh you guys are SO cute. Seriously cutest couple ever. I love that you are doing this blog together too. Great photos! :)

  2. smile kyle. love you guys. that is all.

  3. Congrats on your engagement! Are you going to school at UofA? What are you studying? I live in Phoenix and I'm considering going there to get my Master's in Photography.

    xx Adrian