Wednesday, March 7, 2012

esspresso shots and record shops

Yesterday, Megan and I needed a little pick me up after work so we decided to get some caffeine and late night snacks at Ike's coffee.  Before we grabbed our coffee, we popped into Zia record store to look around. I gave Megan a vintage record player for Christmas and we've been on the hunt for great records ever since. 
We both found winners and I picked up the Drive soundtrack. I've been obsessed with the movie and soundtrack ever since it came out.
We were tempted to pick up this little treat, too...(don't tell me what I can't do!)
At that point, we were dying for coffee. Even though Megan is a barista, we love trying new coffee shops around town. Ike's is nice because they offer rice milk which gives me a break from soy (since I'm lactose intolerant). 
We are coffee addicts so there really isn't a night we go without some type of caffeine.  It's always nice for us to relax a little and chat about our days. 

2 days until the weekend! 


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  1. Love those LOST action figures. BF and I are huge Losties. He got that one and the Ben Linus one. SO COOL.